Loop Challenge English Explanation

Loop Challenge English Explanation



Welcome to a new challenge!


The LoopChallenge consists of making a video with as power loops as you can do around the same object during a flight, without cuts.

You can choice the object: it can be a goal, an arch, a door, two trees… sometimes it is difficult to find the right place, so it is total freedom!

When uploading the video it is important that the title includes the number of loops, to facilitate the counting and ranking.

If you dont know who to do Power Loops, in my channel I have a video about it.


Here you have a good expample of the first participant (It is not necessary to record the transmitter):


Video Name: #Loops + LoopChallenge + Your Title

-Small description with link to the Archicopters channel. Ex: This is my video for the ArchiCopters’ Loop Challenge, here will be the results:


Send video link by email to joaquin@archicopters.com with subject: Loop Challenge.


Upload Videos until: December 31, 23: 59h

Send email until: December 31, 23: 59h

Result: January.
* Modified the dates to the end of the year, thus there is more time: D


The 5 videos with more Loops will appear in a video in increasing order of Loops. During your video I will include the name of your channels to promote them. With all the participants I will make a ranking table with the number of loops and the links to their channels and a play list.



The incredible, unique and unrepeatable Ninja Brach Trophy! This wonder craft can be yours! XD

The trophy is a detail that I liked to do for you.

The reward is to share your videos in my channel and to be able to extend this hobby. The top 5 classified will appear in the video ranking, the rest of participants in a large list (I hope) published in my blog with their links to their corresponding channels. Also I will do a PlayList on my YouTube Chanell.

I hope you all can participate! Even with a loop attempt!

Greetings and good flights!


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